What Your Kissing Style Can Reveal About Your Relationship

Kissing is not only beautiful and pleasurable, but it also plays a major role in keeping a romantic bond strong. There are many types of kisses with different connotations. A gentle kiss says: “You are comfortable,” while the Spiderman kiss suggests spontaneity. So, this means the way you kiss your partner can actually decode your love affair.

We at Bright Side are in love with love and happy couples, so we gathered a list of 7 different kissing styles, showing what they might indicate about your relationship.

The gentle kiss

This is a delicate kiss in which the 2 partners softly touch their lips. It is a gesture that shows how close you are to your loved one and how comfortable you feel in this relationship. If you are a gentle kisser, you certainly enjoy some teasing and provoking your partner to desire more physical intimacy.

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