If You Notice These 8 Signs in Your Relationship, You Have a Rock-Solid Trust in Each Other

Relationship expert Tim Lott says there are 3 important aspects of a successful couple: communication, respect, and trust. He called trust the hardest of all. But still, you need to have faith and hope, even if there were some mistakes in the past, because without these there is no future.

We at Bright Side wish for everyone to not just love each other but also to respect and trust each other. Here you can find 8 signs that say you are doing a great job in your relationship.

1. You are not afraid to be (or look like) yourself.

According to psychologists, there can be imaginary and natural relationships. Social manners are used in imaginary relationships, and we use them to appear as though we came down from heaven.

In natural relationships, you are not shy or scared about being yourself and you know that your partner understands that you are not a robot and also wants to feel relaxed and at home.

You can walk around the house talking on the phone with unbuttoned pants, eat oranges in bed, and still feel that your loved one is absolutely okay with this.

2. You share the details of your day.

You come back home after a long work day or after a meeting with your friends and you want to share some new information with your partner. You don’t try to hide that a guy from your office made you upset.

This sharing of details develops trust and harmony in your relationship and makes you not just be a partner, but also feel like a close friend. It is important to also to be interested in what is going on in your partner’s life, according to researchers.

3. You can open up about past pain.

It could’ve been problems with your parents, past toxic relationships, or a difficult operation. But the thing is that we can’t share these things with a person who we don’t trust. Psychologists say that, in these cases, it is important to separate the past and the present, and to not compare your partner with anyone.

Besides, if you are open about discussing your experiences with the person you love, you gain a new level of trust. But it is important to not be brutally honest and to be careful to not hurt someone else’s feelings.

4. You share a bank account or you know the PIN for his/her card.

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Sharing a bank account can be a sign of trust and happiness according to couples. They are open to discuss money issues and find compromises, which gives lots of benefits to relationships.

It makes couples more likely to go through problems, instead of thinking about ending their relationship, according to Shaunti Feldhahn, a researcher.ADVERTISEMENT

5. You don’t control each other.

Trust issues can ruin relationships rapidly, especially if you become a control freak and start calling or texting your spouse every hour. If you don’t let him scan your phone, he thinks that you have a secret lover and this indicates that there is no trust.

And vice versa, when you give a person some air to breathe and stop controlling them, it means you are not only settled about your partner, but also about yourself.

Psychologists also say that it’s possible to fix things when someone is being overcontrolling, but you’ll need to take emotional risks and learn to trust.

6. You can easily leave your gadgets open.

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Social networks can spark jealousy, according to studies. Facebook and Instagram can be a reason for quarrels and even breakups.

But imagine that you are driving home and he asks you to hold the phone and you can see his WhatsApp. Only someone who doesn’t have anything to hide can do this. If you can easily leave your gadgets open while being with your partner, you’ve definitely reached a good level of trust.

7. You feel secure to not just share the good, but also the negative emotions.

Everyone will have moments where everything is going wrong. If you are open to discussing this with your spouse, it means you trust them. When you overcome the fears that your partner might hurt you by judging you, this is a huge win for your relationship and you can feel secure.

You are not afraid to talk about your real feelings anymore, and even if you are offended, you are not afraid to lose a person because you both know that breaking up is not the solution. This can be especially important for women who feel safe when they know that their relationship is going somewhere, according to psychologists.

8. You can both admit when you are wrong and share responsibilities.

There is a trust between you when you share, not just daily household chores, but emotional responsibilities. If you don’t ignore problems, show empathy, and can admit that you are wrong, this is a sign of a healthy relationship.

It is crucial to not blame our partners for our feelings.

Do you believe it is possible to trust a person you love, even after an awful mistake? Do you have your own signs of trust? Please share your experience with us!