12 Things Happy Couples Do, and If You Can Name at Least 3, You’re on the Right Path

Sharing a life together with your partner can be an equally fulfilling and challenging experience. A lot of couples in love end up separating or living an unhappy life, which proves it takes more than deep affection in a relationship to stay healthy and joyous.

Bright Side is here to make sure you and your boo stay strong, so we’re sharing some pieces of advice about how successful relationships stay that way over time.

1. Enjoy at least one hobby together.

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While it’s great for each of you to have personal hobbies, it’s also essential that you guys find something to enjoy as a couple. It can be anything from practicing a particular sport or watching movies together. Pick one activity and commit to it. It’s important that you both make this part of your regular routine and most importantly, that you have fun and spend some quality time together.

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